About Maco Infotech

Maco, a name that has been heard time and time again all around the globe with every feeling of paradise over the last decade and for many more other decades to come. Maco is committed to developing the very best accounting software and online booking software using cloud based technology. By working with industry experts we strive to enhance the functionality of our core products, saving your time, money and resources. Maco Infotech customizes business solution for the S.M.E (small and medium enterprises) as well as develops application like online hotel/ transport/tour packages booking system, web based accounting & E-commerce apps with social media integration.

We are also recognized as being a tool based on both Business to Business and Business to Consumer for promoting any tourism product "anywhere in the world" by "anyone in the world". At Maco, we never stop improving our services, including development methodologies, practices, management techniques and QA standards to enhance our team’s capabilities and increase customer satisfaction. Our customers come first and we provide the software service that entails nothing less than the best. We provide stability, flexibility and convenience to our users and ensure that we’re able to deliver our promises and maintain the consistency and excellence of our brand. That is where the benchmark is set for Maco and enhances their opportunity to strive towards greater heights in the market and bring your business experience to infinity and beyond.